Dealing with Denial on Everyday Health

Hey there, blog readers. It’s been awhile. I spent the past few months in a bit of a funk, and I’m finally pulling myself out of it. I wrote about dealing with denial over on Everyday Health, so go check that out:

Dealing With Diabetes Denial: Getting Past the ‘Not-Normal’ Blues


Join me for the 2nd Annual Online Eating Psychology Conference




If you follow me on Twitter, you might remember me tweeting up a storm about the Food Revolution Summit back in April. I learned a lot from listening to those experts give free talks about all aspects of health and wellness.

So I’m excited to share that I’m participating in the 2nd Annual Online Eating Psychology Conference. Join me, along with Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, as he interviews over 45 experts in eating psychology, embodiment, weight, health, and nutrition. Get ready to hear some great insights and information that will advance your understanding of eating psychology and personal transformation in this one-of-a-kind virtual conference!


Sign up for the 2nd Annual Online Eating Psychology Conference for FREE here.


It’s time for a whole new understanding of our relationship with food. Obesity, overeating, body image concerns, emotional challenges with food, and diet-related health issues are with us more than ever. People have abundant access to nutrition facts and information, but need to search long and hard for true healing wisdom. It’s time for an approach that honors all of who we are as eaters – body, mind, heart and soul. Join us for an exciting time together as we explore leading edge thinking in the fields of eating psychology and nutrition. Get inspired by speakers from a variety of disciplines who have something unique and innovative to share.


Speakers include Dr Mark Hyman, Dr David Perlmutter, Paul Chek, Dr Hyla Cass, Amy Pershing, Dr Srini Pillay, Dr Frank Lipman, John Robbins, JJ Virgin, Tom Malterre, Dave Aprey, Dr Tom O’Bryan, Jon Gabriel, Dr Susan Albers, Sayer Ji, Donna Gates, Dr Alan Christianson, Jessica Ortner, Daniel Vitalis, Emily Rosen, Meghan Telpner, and many more!


Dates: July 21 – 26, 2014
Price: FREE
Where: Sign up online HERE

Some topics include:
A Deeper Dive into Body Image
Neuroscience and Personal Change
A Holistic Approach to Eating Disorders
The Healing Power of Embodiment
Mindfulness based approaches to overeating
Sexuality and the Psychology of Eating
New insights into Weight
Culture, emotional health and metabolism
Hormones, Eating and Inner Health
The Gut-Psychology Connection
Spirituality and Nutrition
The Hidden Politics of Food
New Approaches to Nutritional Health
And much more…




Check Me Out: Everyday Health’s New Type 2 & You Column

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 12.41.15 PMRemember when I wrote a piece for Everyday Health? Well, they asked me to be a regular contributor to their new diabetes blog, Type 2 & You!

My first post is live, Detoxing for Diabetes: My 10-Day Jumpstart to Better Health. You can find me writing over there twice a month 🙂

My Story on One Medical’s Blog

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 12.08.55 PM

Happy summer, everyone! I’ve been traveling quite a bit in June, and I came back to an email that One Medical posted an interview with me on their blog! Check it out 🙂

Boston’s Free Outdoor Fitness Classes 2014

John McCosh via Esplanade Association

John McCosh via Esplanade Association

Summer is the easiest time to work on your fitness. Not only is the weather nicer and the days longer, but many cities offer free, open to the public outdoor workouts. Here in Boston, you can workout all summer long without paying a cent. Read on for my top picks for free fitness around Boston: Continue reading

Drumroll, Please: 3 Month Update


Selfie, May 7

Alright, everyone! It’s the moment I’ve been counting down to for the last three months: my followup test results. Let’s see how I did: Continue reading

Words: Only You Decide What Can Enter Your Mind & Body

words-onlyyoudecidewhatcanenteryourmindbodyAre you a people pleaser? I know I am. I avoid conflict whenever possible, often defer to other’s wants and needs before my own, and don’t like to be a bother.

Well, when you’re on a very specific diet, making exciting life changes, or working toward goals that you’re excited about, you’re bound to upset some people in your life.

I’m about to attend a meal with family this weekend where I’m sure there will be nothing that is appropriate for me to eat. I spent a few minutes thinking I’d just eat a little and not say anything, but then I realized that would be sacrificing all the purifying I have been doing over these past few weeks. These days, it is a temple, I am feeling amazing, and I am not about to give that up to make those around me more comfortable. Instead, I’ll bring food I can eat (with enough to share, of course). I am not about to go through gluten headaches just to avoid attracting attention to myself.

All that to say, do you, dear readers. And don’t let anything unwanted into your temple.

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