This change has been a long time coming

camping copy

Me on the left, age 8?, camping with my cousins

I’ve been overweight for as long as I can remember. I come from a large Italian family where food is love, and I always wanted as much as I could consume of both.

As far as growing up a fat kid, I didn’t have it particularly bad. I wasn’t a social outcast, but I wasn’t exactly invited to the cool kids’ high school parties either. I had friends, but never boyfriends. There weren’t actually many instances that I remember being teased or bullied about my weight, though there are some moments where I was uncomfortable. I quit dance classes at age 7 because I didn’t want to wear leotards with the skinny girls. I pushed a mean boy down when he called me fat once (I think that was 5th grade). I heard a lot of “you have a pretty face” and “you would be pretty if you lost weight.” When my dear (and incredibly skinny) friend and I were partnered to do lifts during a show choir routine, and then he broke his arm before the performance (UNRELATED, thankyouverymuch!).

The year I graduated high school, I weighed 273 pounds. I moved to Boston for school, started having to walk most places, and lost about 25 pounds by college graduation. That summer, I decided to start Weight Watchers, and over the next three years, I lost about 70 pounds, though never quite losing the last couple pounds that would mean my BMI was just “overweight” and not “obese.”


At Tanglewood in 2008

This is me at about 170 pounds, during my skinniest period. All that work started to reverse by 2010. I was unchallenged and unhappy at my job, my boyfriend and I had broken up, my best friend moved out and moved to Brooklyn, and I was depressed and trying meds to manage it. Food was the only thing I really enjoyed.

Fast forward to now, where I love writing and being my own boss, am surrounded by amazing and supportive people at work, and have great friends around me. This current body is the last vestige of the old me, and I’m ready to shed it for my true self.



3 thoughts on “This change has been a long time coming

  1. […] but at one point, I was much thinner. I lost 90 pounds, and I kept it off for a few years. Though factors derailed me in the past, I am even more motivated to succeed (and prepared for it) this time around. Plus, […]

  2. Andrea April 4, 2014 at 9:09 am Reply

    Such a great supportive story. You sure deserve all the best for overcoming this diabetic problem. I give you a lot of credit! My story is similar….I’m on medication for type 2 diabetes. I want to get off the meds… too many side effects that are killing me.

    • Tara B. April 7, 2014 at 12:30 pm Reply

      Hi Andrea, I’m not in the clear yet, but I hope to be! If you want to, I’m sure you can do it, too. Healthy thoughts to you and yours!

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