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Words: Only You Decide What Can Enter Your Mind & Body

words-onlyyoudecidewhatcanenteryourmindbodyAre you a people pleaser? I know I am. I avoid conflict whenever possible, often defer to other’s wants and needs before my own, and don’t like to be a bother.

Well, when you’re on a very specific diet, making exciting life changes, or working toward goals that you’re excited about, you’re bound to upset some people in your life.

I’m about to attend a meal with family this weekend where I’m sure there will be nothing that is appropriate for me to eat. I spent a few minutes thinking I’d just eat a little and not say anything, but then I realized that would be sacrificing all the purifying I have been doing over these past few weeks. These days, it is a temple, I am feeling amazing, and I am not about to give that up to make those around me more comfortable. Instead, I’ll bring food I can eat (with enough to share, of course). I am not about to go through gluten headaches just to avoid attracting attention to myself.

All that to say, do you, dear readers. And don’t let anything unwanted into your temple.

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Words: Happiness Is Fleeting Unless It Comes From Within

mantra-happiness-is-fleetingI’ve searched for happiness in many ways throughout my life. While (over)eating gives you a brief thrill, it wears off quickly as negative emotions follow, like guilt or shame. Shopping has a similar effect; the excitement doesn’t last as long as you’d hope it would, as you quickly become accustomed and apathetic to your new stuff, and begin the hunt for the next purchase. Even happiness from others is momentary; no one is out to entertain and please you 24/7.

The only happiness that is truly lasting comes from within. At first, it’s hard to notice because it feels more subtle and quiet than external happiness. But build that internal happiness muscle and you’ll always be able to access it when you need it.

This mantra was inspired by the Oprah & Deepak free meditation series, Finding Your Flow, that is currently running. Check it out!

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Words: Breathe. Deeply. Mindfully. Simply.

words-breatheIn yoga class last night, I found myself struggling with some of the more strenuous poses. What surely wasn’t helping was that I was unintentionally holding my breath. When I released and began breathing again, it didn’t instantly make me a master of the pose, but it did get a little easier. In yoga, as in life, breathing through the difficult stuff helps you get through and onto the next step.

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Words: Your Thoughts & Actions Are the Brushstrokes that Create the Masterpiece of Your Life

words-thoughtsbrushstrokesI like to think of this in two ways: first, what you think and do creates your reality; and secondly, each decision, while important, is just one part of the larger work. So make it count, but don’t sweat it too much, either.

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Words: Think Big for Big Things to Happen

thinkbigI needed a reminder of this today. If your thoughts are small, your reality will be small. Big thoughts bring big results. Keep thinking big (and putting in the work!) and what you dream is already yours.

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Words: No One Thing Defines Your Whole Self

words-noonethingdefinesyouDiabetes is not who I am. I am so much more than that: a daughter, sister, friend, entrepreneur, writer, giggler, food geek, yogi, optimist, aesthete, unicorn… why let just one aspect consume the others? This is why I use the phrase healthy “whole self” so often. I’m not exercising and eating differently to counteract my condition. I’m doing sun salutations for the yogi and exploring new dishes for the food geek.

So here’s a reminder that you’re not just one thing. You’re a whole lots of amazing things in one super awesome package.

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