Reflections on the 10-Day Detox


Sorry for the radio silence, everyone. As you can see by the box to the right, it’s a mere hours until I go in for my 3-month blood work and I thought I’d give you all an update on how the 10-Day Detox went!

Overall, it was a pretty great experience. I wasn’t hungry (the food is tasty), I felt energized, I was less stressed, and it produced results. I lost about 8 lbs in the 10 days, and I’m motivated to continue with the plan (with just a pinch of slack) until I have healthy lab results.

Speaking of results, I can’t believe my blood tests are tomorrow. I don’t know what the numbers will look like, but I do know that I feel much better these days. I’ve started going to Zumba, doing more yoga, I bought a rebounder, I can (usually, almost) take a fistful of supplements with ease, and I eat more healthy fat & protein and piles of veggies than I thought I could and still see the scale go down.

I’ll have the new stats next week, so stay tuned!


#BostonStrong: Uber Introduces Hero Rides with BostonX


This week, I visited the Boston Marathon memorial exhibition at Boston Public Library. As I relived that day and fought back tears, I was once again inspired by the heroes of the day, those who saved so many people during such a horrible tragedy. On Saturday April 19, those in Boston can request an Uber ride with “BostonX,” where your driver will be a community hero: police officers, firefighters, soldiers, and teachers. Read on for more about Uber BostonX, a free ride code, and my personal marathon story. Continue reading

Words: Happiness Is Fleeting Unless It Comes From Within

mantra-happiness-is-fleetingI’ve searched for happiness in many ways throughout my life. While (over)eating gives you a brief thrill, it wears off quickly as negative emotions follow, like guilt or shame. Shopping has a similar effect; the excitement doesn’t last as long as you’d hope it would, as you quickly become accustomed and apathetic to your new stuff, and begin the hunt for the next purchase. Even happiness from others is momentary; no one is out to entertain and please you 24/7.

The only happiness that is truly lasting comes from within. At first, it’s hard to notice because it feels more subtle and quiet than external happiness. But build that internal happiness muscle and you’ll always be able to access it when you need it.

This mantra was inspired by the Oprah & Deepak free meditation series, Finding Your Flow, that is currently running. Check it out!

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Meatless Monday: Kale & Veggie Frittata Bites


This morning, I woke up early enough to do some baking. Not the sweet, flour-laden kind, but the quick and savory, breakfast-on-the-go kind. I busted out my mini-muffin tins and sautéed some veggies for these delish one-bite frittatas. Bonus, now I have a healthy, last minute breakfast option if I happen to sleep in for the rest of the week!

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Meatless Monday Featured Blogger & BBQ Marinated Tofu

meatless-monday-bbq-tofu-lunchYou may have noticed a new badge in the right sidebar. Thanks to the Monday Campaigns for inviting me to be a Meatless Monday Featured Blogger! Going meat-free for a few meals a week totally help boost your health and better the planet.

For some meatless meals this week, I made a super simple batch of barbecue marinated tofu. I did a ton of walking on Sunday to and from Union Square for the Eat Boutique pop-up shop at Fringe Union. I went home with the BBQ sauce made by We Love Jam. Fresh, complex, delicious, and gluten free! Continue reading

Blood Sugar Solution: Saying Hi to Low-GI

In the final weeks before my follow-up blood tests, I’m going to be making some drastic changes in my diet. Starting Thursday, I start the Blood Sugar Solution 10-day detox, followed by the 6-week advanced program. I read the Blood Sugar Solution in 2 days, and identified with Dr. Mark Hyman’s research and results, so I’m going to give this low-GI (glycemic index) plan a try.  Continue reading

Words: Breathe. Deeply. Mindfully. Simply.

words-breatheIn yoga class last night, I found myself struggling with some of the more strenuous poses. What surely wasn’t helping was that I was unintentionally holding my breath. When I released and began breathing again, it didn’t instantly make me a master of the pose, but it did get a little easier. In yoga, as in life, breathing through the difficult stuff helps you get through and onto the next step.

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