These are the the things that I find helpful, and they’re affiliate links where applicable (covers that extra few bucks for organic produce). Check back regularly for new additions.


  • You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. The single most life-changing book I’ve read, Jen gives you a kick in the pants to be the most ass-kicking, life-rocking you you can be. Buy extra copies, give them to your friends, and start a Badass book club and accountability group. Edit: Just finished the audiobook version read by Jen herself. Amazing!
  • Perfect Weight by Deepak Chopra. I like the basic introduction to Ayurveda and the whole self health approach that Deepak prescribes. (Chopra Center Store)
  • What Are You Hungry For? by Deepak Chopra. More like Ayurveda 201, Deepak’s latest book delves into more of the mind/body/spirit connection in regards to health. (Chopra Center Store)
  • Eat Your Vegetables by Joe Yonan. My favorite vegetarian cookbook right now, I love that Joe’s recipes are single portion, because who wants to eat the same thing all week?
  • The Chopra Center Cookbook by Deepak Chopra. I read this one cover to cover in one sitting. Deepak takes the guesswork out of incorporating Ayurvedic practices into your diet with a comprehensive 30-day meal plan. Every recipe made my stomach growl. (Chopra Center Store)
  • The Blood Sugar Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman. A 6-week program to begin healing from insulin resistance and “diabesity.” There’s a stricter 10-Day Detox that jumpstarts your progress, and a cookbook.


  • Forks Over Knives. The film version of The China Study, this was an eye-opening documentary about how plant-based diets can prevent and even reverse deadly diseases.


  • Best Life Ever cards. I love these positive mantras that keep your vibrations high.
  • Vitamix. A total green juice convert, I use this super blender multiple times a day for making smoothies, spreads, and even DIY nut milks.


  • Transcendental Meditation. The most transformative habit I’ve made in the last year is meditating twice a day for 20 minutes. I love the ease and accessibility of the TM method, plus Susan & Peter in Boston are the most amazing teachers.



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