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Drumroll, Please: 3 Month Update


Selfie, May 7

Alright, everyone! It’s the moment I’ve been counting down to for the last three months: my followup test results. Let’s see how I did: Continue reading


Words: Only You Decide What Can Enter Your Mind & Body

words-onlyyoudecidewhatcanenteryourmindbodyAre you a people pleaser? I know I am. I avoid conflict whenever possible, often defer to other’s wants and needs before my own, and don’t like to be a bother.

Well, when you’re on a very specific diet, making exciting life changes, or working toward goals that you’re excited about, you’re bound to upset some people in your life.

I’m about to attend a meal with family this weekend where I’m sure there will be nothing that is appropriate for me to eat. I spent a few minutes thinking I’d just eat a little and not say anything, but then I realized that would be sacrificing all the purifying I have been doing over these past few weeks. These days, it is a temple, I am feeling amazing, and I am not about to give that up to make those around me more comfortable. Instead, I’ll bring food I can eat (with enough to share, of course). I am not about to go through gluten headaches just to avoid attracting attention to myself.

All that to say, do you, dear readers. And don’t let anything unwanted into your temple.

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Reflections on the 10-Day Detox


Sorry for the radio silence, everyone. As you can see by the box to the right, it’s a mere hours until I go in for my 3-month blood work and I thought I’d give you all an update on how the 10-Day Detox went!

Overall, it was a pretty great experience. I wasn’t hungry (the food is tasty), I felt energized, I was less stressed, and it produced results. I lost about 8 lbs in the 10 days, and I’m motivated to continue with the plan (with just a pinch of slack) until I have healthy lab results.

Speaking of results, I can’t believe my blood tests are tomorrow. I don’t know what the numbers will look like, but I do know that I feel much better these days. I’ve started going to Zumba, doing more yoga, I bought a rebounder, I can (usually, almost) take a fistful of supplements with ease, and I eat more healthy fat & protein and piles of veggies than I thought I could and still see the scale go down.

I’ll have the new stats next week, so stay tuned!

Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox: Day 1

blood-sugar-solution-detox-day-1-shake Yesterday, after a weekend of supplement delivery snafus and celebrating the Boston Marathon, I finally started the Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox. Overall, Day 1 was great. Going gluten- and dairy-free a few weeks ago has helped avoid the cravings, though taking the fiber supplements before each meal means I’m not ever experiencing crazy hunger pangs. Plus, the food is pretty tasty thus far. Continue reading

Blood Sugar Solution: Saying Hi to Low-GI

In the final weeks before my follow-up blood tests, I’m going to be making some drastic changes in my diet. Starting Thursday, I start the Blood Sugar Solution 10-day detox, followed by the 6-week advanced program. I read the Blood Sugar Solution in 2 days, and identified with Dr. Mark Hyman’s research and results, so I’m going to give this low-GI (glycemic index) plan a try.  Continue reading